Didier Almouzni
Gender: Male
Age:  ??
Date of Birth:  ??
Position: Former Drummer
Other Work(s): DragonForce, Razor Of Occam, Admortem, Dãm

Didier Almouzni is a French drummer, known as the ex-drummer and one of the founding members of DragonForce from 1999-2003. He played on the band's debut album, Valley of the Damned, although he probably didn't appear on the demo version of the album, seeing as though the demo version of the album already had a guest drummer, Peter Hunt. But most confirm that he was in the demo version, but hasn't completely been confirmed. After leaving DragonForce, he went and became the drummer of the Australian thrash metal band "Razor of Occam", which is the band he is currently in.

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