Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil
Appears On Valley of the Damned 2003,
Valley of the Damned 2010 Re-release
Track 1
Length 0:14
Written By Sam Totman
Followed By Valley of the Damned (song)

Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil is the opening track of DragonForce's debut (technically second, since the demo version of the album was the first) album, Valley of the Damned (2003) album. The song is currently DragonForce's only instrumental song and last only to fourteen seconds. The song's music was written by Sam Totman. Naturally, this song is the band's shortest song, though that honor is technically given to Strike of the Ninja even though Strike of the Ninja is three minutes and four seconds longer than the song, possibly due to Strike of the Ninja actually having lyrics, while Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil does not. There is a remastered recording of this song, which was released in the re-release of DragonForce's Valley of the Damned album.




  • The song, "Prelude to Destiny (Intro)" by Power Quest shows several similaritiies to this song. Both being an Intrumental, Opening Track, and is usually fused with the track that follows it on YouTube. The only difference is that Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil is 14 seconds, and Prelude to Destiny is 1:45.

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