Steve Scott
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Position: Former Bass
Other Work(s): DragonForce, Power Quest, Shadow Keep

Steve Scott was the DragonForce's original bassist who played for the band from it's formation (1999) to 2000. He also is one of the band's founding members. Shortly after the demo version of their Valley of the Damned album, Steve Williams (who played about the same length of time as Scott) left the band as well as Scott. Williams was later replaced by the band's current keyboardist, Vadim Igorevich Pruzhanov and Scott was replaced by Diccon Harper.

Scott and Williams left DragonForce mainly to form Power Quest with Adam Bickers, Alessio Garavello, and Sam Totman (who played for about 3 years in some of their albums). In January 2009, Scott decided to quit Power Quest to remain more permanently in New Zealand.

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