Valley of the Damned
Valley-of-the-damned demo
Released 2000
Recorded 8th-12th April & 27th May 2000
Length 33:04
39:00 (Bonus Track)
Label Independent
Produced by DragonHeart

Valley of the Damned (Demo) is the demo of DragonForce's (Known at the time of recording as DragonHeart) debut album, released in 2000). It was also stated in the Bonus DVD in the Ultra Beatdown: Special Edition, that this demo album was recorded in Herman Li's Kitchen.

Track ListingEdit

Total Length: 33:04, 39:00 (with Bonus Track)

(**Note: There is an original version of Evening Star, it is extremely rare, the original version's name was "Lands of Desire").

(***However, demos for the songs "Evening Star" and "Heart of a Dragon" were released in 2010 as Japanese bonus tracks for the reissue of Valley of the Damned).



Technical StaffEdit

  • Karl Groom – engineering
  • Jean Pascal Fournier – logo design


External Links/ReferencesEdit

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